I tend to forget things quickly – maybe because I am relying more and more on technology?! 😉

Either way, in my first job, I have been lucky to be able to work on a variety projects, mostly in marketing, business development and product development. 

While I had to work myself quickly into the subjects, I was always looking for an efficient way to gather knowledge. 

For me that is a combination of:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Real life Examples
  • Working with the Tool
  • (Books)

For every domain, there are always some hidden gems that really accelerate your learning.
I have documented my learnings, favourite reading materials, videos and sometimes even collections of helpful examples. As I know myself, I will need some of those resources later and can hopefully extend them in the upcoming years.
Maybe it is helpful for others as well.

Happy browsing! 😉

To contact me feel free to reach out on Linkedin or Twitter.